Although 5 card stud poker is the ancestor of all the stud games played today, it hardly enjoys any popularity; players will not find it at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

However, this does not mean that 5 card stud is not an enjoyable poker variant; in fact, poker players in certain parts of the world still enjoy playing 5 card stud poker.

Interested online poker enthusiasts simply have to check through various Vegas poker listings available online and they are sure to find a sprinkling of 5 card stud games played in Vegas casinos.

Poker Variants

Online poker enthusiasts will find innumerable variants of 5 card stud around, and the best option is to start with the traditional 5 card stud.

Some of the popular variants of 5 card stud poker are 5 card stud hi-lo, Soko, Two-down Three-up or 2-3, Three-down Two-up or 3-2, One-down, Three-up, One-down or 1-3-1, Mexican poker, Telesina, and Asian five card stud. Before participating in any paid 5 card stud game, players need to understand its rules and strategies perfectly.

How to Play 5 card stud poker

Playing 5 card stud poker is very easy. Players who have played 7 card stud poker will not find it difficult to understand and play this variant because of the similarities between the two.

Each player receives one face-up and one face-down card at the beginning of the game. The player with the face-up card of the lowest value must place the bring-in bet, after which the game proceeds to the initial round.

After the initial round, players are dealt another face-up card and the player with the best card makes the first move. Similarly, the third and fourth rounds are played, after which it is time for the showdown. Players will be surprised to find that 5 card stud poker is a fast-moving game, especially in cases where a player’s bet receives no calls.

 5 card stud poker Strategy

Players require a thorough understanding of game rules and strategies in order to play a winning games of 5 card stud poker although the game is relatively simple when compared to advanced variants such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Here is a collection of strategy tips for beginners: avoid playing flushes and straights unless it is three cards for a straight flush.

Players who do not have a pair or something better in their initial hand must fold. Besides studying their opponents’ style of play and gaming behavior carefully in order to use it to their advantages, players should be as unpredictable as possible.

Players should also know when exactly they need to fold so that they avoid making expensive mistakes.

5 card stud poker is still played in online poker rooms although it is not as popular as Texas Hold’em or even 7 card stud poker. Online poker enthusiasts love playing this variant because it moves quickly and also because it is very easy to learn and master.

Some poker experts even advise beginners to start with 5 card stud because of its simple rules and strategies.