5 card stud poker is where all present-day stud games find their roots. However, this form of the game rarely ever gets the popularity it deserves. It cannot even be found at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). However, this is no indication towards the game being any less fun. In fact, many poker enthusiasts still enjoy playing this form of poker. In order to take a look at these games, interested gamers just need to look through various poker listings available online. One will surely find a large variety of these games in Vegas casinos.

Variants of poker

Gamers looking to play 5 card stud poker will find numerous variants of this game. However, the best option for beginners is to go with the traditional form of 5 card stud. Some other variants of the game that are really popular include Asian Five card stud, Telesina, Mexican poker, 1-3-1 or One-down, Three-up, one-down, 3-2 or three-down two up, 2-3 or two-down three-up, Soko, Hi-Lo etc. However, before participating in any of these games, one should take a look at strategy tips and rules.

How to Play the game?

Playing this form of poker is really simple. Players who have had experience playing 7 card stud poker will be able to grasp this game with ease since it is very similar to its 5 card counterpart. Each player gets two cards at the beginning of the game; one face-down and the other one face-up. The player who gets the lowest value on his/her face-up card has to call the bring-in bet. The game can begin after this step.

Players are now dealt with another card that is presented face-up. The player with the biggest card gets to start the game. The third and fourth rounds of the game are played in a similar manner which results in a showdown. The best thing about this game is that it is fast moving and this is even more true when there are no calls for players’ bets.

Strategy for 5 card stud poker

In order to win a game of 5 card stud poker, players must understand rules and strategies thoroughly. Though this game is quite simple when compared to other forms of poker, it still requires some thought. The following are some tips for players playing the game for the very first time.

·         Try not playing straights and flushes unless you have three cards that quality for a straight flush.

·          If you do not have a pair of any cards in your starting hand, it is better you fold. Apart from studying how opponents play and observing their behavior during the game, one must also be unpredictable and hard to read.

·          Knowing exactly when to fold can save you from a lot of costly mistakes.

Though 5 card stud poker is not as popular as 7 card stud poker or Texas Hold’em poker, it is still quite popular at many online poker websites. The beginners are also advised to start with this form of poker since it is simple and fast.