Pure play poker is a name that almost every single poker fan is familiar with. It is a website that offers online poker games. However, pure play poker has been able to create a niche for itself on the basis of its efficiency and unique designing.

More often than not, online casinos around the world ask for a certain fee from players in order to start playing. This is not the case with pure play poker. It is one of the few websites that offers free online poker games, thus making it stand out from the rest of them. Players can play free poker on this wonderful website without risking any amount of money. Well, this is not enough. Not only do the players get a chance to play poker for free, but they also get an opportunity to win good amount of money. Hence, at pure play poker, playing the game sounds like starting with a zero investment business concept.

The website has been in the business for almost a decade now. It is a US based company. It is also known to be the biggest poker website in the United States of America. One of the prime objectives behind starting the website was to enable poker enthusiastics to enjoy a game of free poker. However, the website is also known to shell out prize amounts of around $100,000 every single month.

The first thing a player needs to do in order to join this website is create a profile of his/hers. Next, the individual has to opt for an avatar and he/she is all set to take part in games using their chips. The chips however, do not have the backing of real money and hence it is a zero risk game. Fake money is used in pure play poker website.

The website provides free members with as many as 2000 chips every single day. However, if needed, players can also go ahead and purchase more chips. This has to be done using real money. At a cost as low as $20, a player receives a whooping 125,000 chips. A player can also decide to shell out $50 in order to avail as many as 350,000 chips.

There is also a VIP package available for players interested. He/she would have to pay a small amount of $24.99 on a monthly basis to avail 165,000 chips. These chips cannot be traded for cash prizes and real money. Most of the other so-called free poker websites have some or the other hidden costs that the player needs to look into. However, this is not the case with pure play poker. It has no hidden costs. A player would have to shell out money only if he/she is willing to do so.

A player can also decide to opt for the Mega Membership option. Being a member, he/she would get an access to a host of free games including poker. Pure play poker is a great place to play poker for free and every poker fan should certainly visit this website.