Regular online poker players must have heard about the Pure Play Poker game. It is nothing but an online poker based website but exceptional in its design. It is not always true that online poker websites need to be paid some money by the members to play and succeed. Most of the internet-based websites offer free-rolls, which are the promotional tools developed to either attract new players or reward the established members.

This Pure Play Poker model is different from many of the gambling websites, in a way that the players can play for free by not spending any of their money but they still win prizes. This website is fairly accepted by many.

The membership in pure play poker may be free or it can be gained even by paying some fee. The only difference between the two types of members is that the players who pay the fee are allowed to play a wider range of games compared to the free members. Other than that, both the types of members are treated equally.

The company is based in the United States and is the largest poker-based website. As mentioned already, the players can enjoy the game without risking their money though they surely are awarded when they win. The website spends about $100,000 in cash and prizes every month.

Like many social networking websites, in Poker Play, a person is asked to create a profile, select an avatar and continue with participating in the games using their chips. The chips used are fake money. Every player is given out 10000 of these chips and they earn more of them as they play more.

A free member is given 2000 chips for a day he plays. The chips can be purchased using the real currency. For an amount of $20, a player is given 125,000 play money chips. 350,000 chips for a package of $50 and $100 for 800,000 chips.

A VIP package worth $24.99 per month gives away 16500 play chips each month. Play money chips are just for the game and cannot be exchanged for real money or cash prizes.

Many poker websites provide the players with the opportunity to play with real money or for free. In order to win prizes, it is essential to invest some money in majority of the websites. This will be in the form of buy-ins and tournament fees.

Poker play is advantageous over many such websites in this way. Players are not required to play any registration fee but they can still gain the benefit of the awards. The money put in by the fee-paying members are not spent towards the chips but are kept as the awards for the games.

As an alternative, players who join the membership clubs for Power Play are admitted to a larger number of free games, where they have the chance to play for money.