Individuals that routinely play poker online have likely heard of Pure Play Poker. It is an online poker-based website that is a bit unique in its design. Most online gambling websites require that participants pay money in order to win any.

This isn’t true always of course. A large percentage of internet-based websites will offer free-rolls, which are promotional tools utilized to either attract new players or reward established ones.

The Pure Play poker model differs from most online gambling websites. They allow their members to play for free, without risking any of their own money.  They can however, still win cash and/or prizes. With more then 2 million members, the site has proven to be quite popular.

Pure Play Poker has two different types of memberships. One is free and the other is fee-based. Individuals, regardless of their membership level, will be able to participate in games that pay out cash and prizes. The difference between the two membership plans is that those that are paid member are allowed access to a greater number of games.

Pure Play Poker has been around for about a decade. The company is based in the United States and is the largest poker-based website in America. The site was started to give individuals a place to play poker online which was free or at least very expensive. Players at Poker Play are able to play without risking any of their own cash. They do, however,, have the opportunity to win money. Each month, the website pays out $100,000 in cash and prizes.

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When a person decides to join Poker Play, they are asked to first create a profile, choose an avatar and then participate in games utilizing their chips. These chips are not actually backed up by real money. Its fake money.  Each player will be doled out 10,000 in play money chips. They are able to earn more, the more they play.

Free members will receive 2000 chips every day that they play. Individuals who prefer, can purchase chips using real money. For $20, a player receives 125,000 Play Money chips, a $50 package yields 350,000 Play Money Chips. $100 gives players 800,000  inPlay Money chips.

The VIP Package, which is $24.99 per month, provides players with 165,00 Play Money Chips each and every month. They also receive a slew of other benefits. It is important to note that Play Money Chips are just that. They can’ t be traded in for money or cash prizes.

There are many great places to play poker online. Most will offer players the opportunity to both play for money and for free. In order to win cash and/or other prizes, it is necessary to at the majority of websites to invest some money.

This comes in the form of buy-ins and tournament fees. Poker Play differs from the above in this way. Players do not have to pay for games but they still have the opportunity to win cash and/or prizes. There is a paying option.

However, these monies do not go toward chips for that are put in a pot to be won by any particular player. Instead, players who join the Power Play membership club have access to a larger number of free games, where they have the chance to play for cash.