Online poker enthusiasts who have studied a number of Vegas poker listings might be familiar with the terms 5 card stud poker and 7 card stud poker—both popular variants of poker.

In fact, 7 card stud poker enjoyed a great deal of popularity till the arrival of Texas Hold’em. This variant can be played with a maximum of 9 poker players.

Poker enthusiasts who have tried out H.O.R.S.E and other forms of mixed poker will be aware that the letter “S’ of H.O.R.S.E stands for seven card stud poker.

Today, 7 card stud poker is the third most popular variant of online poker.

Players will come across 3 major variants of 7 card stud poker—the 7 Card Stud, Razz, and 7 Card Hi-Lo, each having its own rules and strategies.

 Before attempting to search through Vegas poker listings for a major 7 card stud tournament, players should thoroughly understand its rules and learn its strategies.

How to Play 7 card stud poker

A standard deck of 52 playing cards is used to play 7 card stud. This poker variant involves an ante or a forced bet that all players are required to place, after which each player is dealt 2 face down and 1 face up card, which is also known as third street.

The player with the face-up card of lowest value must then place a bring-in bet, after which the game moves in a clockwise direction with players given the option to fold, raise, or call.

During the fourth street, players are dealt another face-up card each, and the player with the card of highest value begins the game, which moves in a clockwise direction till all players have made a move. The fifth and the sixth street are similar to the fourth street.

The river is the last round, during which all the players left at the table will receive a last face-down card. The river is followed by the showdown, during which the last player to make a move will show his/her cards first. The jackpot goes to the player with the strongest hand.

7 card stud poker strategy

7 card stud poker is not just a game of chance; skill and knowledge of strategy play an important role in helping players win the pot. Players should learn the art of analyzing opponent behavior and making their moves accordingly.
While bluffing is a great strategy to use, players can make themselves unpredictable by allowing their opponents to catch them bluffing once in a while. Needless to say, the initial hand is of great importance, and players can determine whether or not they will last in the game by simply making a careful study of their initial hands.

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